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CakePHP version 2.4.2

I am using the Paginator component and there are cases where I also pass in a query string to filter the results even further. The request looks like:


This produces "requested address is not found".

How can I get pagination and a query string to work together?

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What do your logs say? And do you have any (custom) routes that apply for this request? I have Pagination and querystrings that just look like your example URL that work just fine. – Oldskool Nov 11 '13 at 21:42
Don't mix named params and query strings. That will result in a mess. Try to use the new query strings only. Named params are a faulty implementation of it and are pretty much deprecated. They will be removed in future versions anyway (>= 3.0). – mark Nov 11 '13 at 22:28
Thanks, I got rid of the named parameters and now my request looks like: /widgets?page=2&category_id=8 which is still producing a requested address not found error. If I remove &category_id=8 I get page 2 results and if I remove page=2& I can get the category results, but I am unable to filter with both. – Kris Nov 13 '13 at 0:06

I figured out what is going on. I'm hitting this condition in the Paginator Component:

        if ($requestedPage > $page) { 
        throw new NotFoundException();

With the additional filters I don't have enough results to warrant a page 2, thus the exception is thrown. I'm unsure of how to solve it. If an user is on page 2, 3, etc of results and selects another filter, I need to throw away the pagination if the filtered results are under my limit.

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The answer ended up being right in the documentation -- a try/catch block for out or range requests: I get the previous page and redirect to that.

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This error is when $requestedPage is greater than $page i means url request that page which not exit.

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