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my mongo document looks that:

{  "moods" : [  "angry",  "furious" ], 
"genres" : [  "rock",  "metal" ] }

and I'm sending two parameters, string(mood) and array(genres)

mood = "angry"
genres = ["rock, "rap"]

Now i want to query ma database for documents, which has my mood in moods array and has ANY of genre from my genres array. I've tried it this way:

            { $and:[
            { 'moods' : { $in : [ mood ] }}, 
            {'genres' : { $in : genres}}

but it doesnt work, how should I do it?

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Missing a double quote after rock

genres = ["rock, "rap"]

should be

genres = ["rock", "rap"]
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You don't need $and for that - it is a default operator for multiple conditions. {$in : [ mood ]} can be replaced by moods: 'angry' - you need $in only if you try to match multiple values.

collection.find({moods: 'angry', genres: {$in: ["rock",  "metal" ] }}) 
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