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We're working on letting users send invite requests to their facebook friends from within our mobile Android apps, but we want them to be processed on a callback URL rather than launching the app if installed or app/play store otherwise.

In order to achieve it I set the app as follows :

app domain MYDOMAIN.com
Mobile web: https://MYDOMAIN.com/fb_req/
Canvas URL: http://MYDOMAIN.com/fb_req/
Secure Canvas URL: http://MYDOMAIN.com/fb_req/
Native Android App: Key hashes entered, but no Package Name nor Class Name
sandbox mode: ON
multiple test users

I managed to get it all working on full desktop browser scenarios, I get a signed_request on callback URL which I can decode to get the clicker's user id, although I haven't had same luck on mobile :

I get the "code" GET param to my callback URL request which theoretically I should be able to exchange it for an access_token by using /oauth/access_token endpoint, as stated on Confirming identity section of https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/manually-build-a-login-flow/

So I do this api query :

response = graph.get(

but can't seem to get the redirect_uri right. I debugged the send request dialog and it's sending this as the redirect_uri param :


If I send that on the request I do get : OAuthError: [191] Invalid redirect_uri: Given URL is not permitted by the application configuration.

and if I send an empty string or https://MYDOMAIN.com/fb_req/ I get: OAuthError: [100] Error validating verification code. Please make sure your redirect_uri is identical to the one you used in the OAuth dialog request

If I remove the "Mobile Web" integration I get the following error on browser: "Either this application has not configured its Mobile Web URL or the URL could not be verified as owned by the application. Unable to redirect."

Does someone know how to fix it? Doesn't it look like a bug for notification handling on mobile devices?

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no answers so far .... found this this facebook reported bug from February, it's tagged as Medium priority but got no official answer neither : –  Albert M Nov 14 '13 at 10:22
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