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I am developing an app with Core Data and I have to display many images of store in a tableView. I get all the information from the server in Json format and then I put it in core data. I have a Store entity with: title, description, address and thumbnailPic and pictureUrl. And one entity called Image with attribute path(where the image is downloaded), and it has a relationship with Store.

I think best option is to get thumbnails images with low resolution and show them while the others are downloading .

The problem is that I do not know how should I do this. I have helpers(categories) for the entities and when the Json is in the dictionary I pass it to the helper and I put the information in the entity. My question is should I download here the big Image and set it to its entity(Image) in the relationship with store? Should thumnailPic be a binaryData downloaded while core data is getting filled? or thumnailPic should be an url and I take the low resolution image every time?

I use AFNetworking for manage all the requests.. even image requests.

As you could see I have many doubts to manage this? If there is a better way please, let me know. Thank

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