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My program needs to consist of a for loop, use both input functions already created ( name and number) and totals need to be acquired. I also need to be able to CANCEL and go to my doc.write where i would input name and number. I also need to give the user another chance to type in their name or number if they accidentally typed in number where letters should be and vise-versa. I think i have majority of the structure right, any help would be greatly appreciated!

function inputName() {

var nameIn = prompt("Enter your Name");
while(!isNaN(nameIn)) {
nameIn = prompt("Must contain only letters");

return nameIn;


 function inputNum(){

var numIn=parseFloat(prompt("Enter the number of hours worked \n 0-60 hours"));

var min=0;
var max=60;

while(numIn>min && numIn>max ){
numIn=prompt("Enter a valid number between 0-60");
return numIn;

<script type="text/javascript">

var wage=10.00;
var earned; // hrsWrked*wage
var totHrsWrked=0;
var totEarning=0;
var BR= "
var howMany;
var loopControl;


howMany=parseFloat(prompt("How many employees are you inputing?"));

for(loopControl=1 ; loopControl <= howMany; ++loopControl){

var inpNam=inputName();

var inpNumber=inputNum();

earned= inpNumber*wage;

document.write("Name: "+ inpNam+ BR);
document.write("Hours Worked: " + inpNumber + BR);
document.write("Money Earned: $ " + earned + BR +BR);

document.write("Total Hours Worked: " + totHrsWrked.toFixed(2) + BR);
document.write("Total Earnings: " + "$"+totEarning.toFixed(2)+ BR+BR);

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Welcome to SO! Please format your code properly - this will make your question easier to read and understand. –  georg Nov 12 '13 at 0:41
I don't think that !isNan(name) will find if it is only letters, a regex would be better suited towards that –  Markasoftware Nov 12 '13 at 1:00
also, the way you defined BR will not actually create a line break, you should do this: var BR='<br>' and that will cause a newline –  Markasoftware Nov 12 '13 at 1:03

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