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i am trying to compile the code below using the latest dev version of the ts compiler but am getting the following error:

error TS2137: Class test.CacheService declares interface test.ICache but does not implement it:

this works fine using the compiler. does anyone know what the issue may be? thanks again

module test {
export interface ICache {
    //indexer: [name: string]: any;
    get<T>(key: string): T;
    set(key: string, value: any);

export class CacheService implements ICache {
    private _cache: any = {};

    get<T>(key: string): T {
        //if (!key) {
        //    var tmp: T;
        //    if ($.isArray(tmp))

        return <T>this._cache[key];

    set(key: string, value: any) {
        this._cache[key] = value;
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Looks like this is just a compiler bug (bisected to commit 38ffe2b730585b49e4792d20468 which went in a few weeks ago). If T is used in the parameter list, the compiler accepts the code. I've logged a bug.

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