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I'm writing an angular/clojure ring webapp. All routes to the ring side will have an "/api" prefix and will be routed with compojure.

Serving upp all other static file with ring seems a bit messy though.

Is there a good way to direct "/api/whatever" requests to ring and all other to be served up as static files using jetty? or using any other major web server, like apache, nginx, lighttpd?

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We put nginx infront of jetty and have nginx configured to serve the static stuff (actually redirects to a CDN) directly and proxy all the app stuff to jetty. In production jetty is running on a separate load balancer though this works out the same if they are running on the same instance.

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Ok, that sounds good. Are you using a more lightweight solution for testing? Local nginx with proxy of different ports? –  4ZM Nov 12 '13 at 1:34
When people are working on both frontend and api stuff they can run nginx on a vitualbox instance on their laptop with the front end code mapped into it with a shared folder and the api code either run through emacs+lein or on it's own AWS instance produced through pallet. –  Arthur Ulfeldt Nov 12 '13 at 1:37

If you want to run clojure Ring handlers with Nginx without any Java Web Server, eg. Jetty. please try Nginx-Clojure module.

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