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I have two webapps on one jetty server. Each has own domain, defined in jetty-web.xml, for example and This is working fine. Now, if someone will point some other domain name(let it be to my server, and tryed to access it by this name - server will not found context configuration for this new domain and will send default responce with list of installed apps. And I need to change this functionality - i want just hide list of my webapps. In documentation thay suggest use some webapp, named root. It is ok, but than i get conflict of names and this default webapp is overriding my applications, if it was deployed last. So my question is - how do i can change this default 404 page for hidding webapp list.

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You need to prevent Jetty from showing context related information. Hint: you can even write own implementation of DefaultHandler and inject in in same way as inbuilt is injected, as far as jetty.xml is IoC-style config.

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