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It is hard to read the find result in mono color. Since I search for code very often, I would love to have the search result text to be formatted as the code accordingly to the file type e.g. C# syntax for .cs files

What should we do to have this feature? Y

enter image description here

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Does this help? visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/… –  l19 Nov 12 '13 at 3:48
Awesome! Please put that as an answer to get accepted. –  Nam G VU Nov 12 '13 at 4:13

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Try the extension Entrian Source Search.

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VSColorOutput extension can highlight text in the Output window and the Find Results Window with custom colors according to your selected regex patterns.

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Is it stable now @Sergey Vlasov? I see the review and QnA with lots of issues :( –  Nam G VU Nov 12 '13 at 13:33
I don't use VSColorOutput personally, but looks like it is actively maintained and problems are resolved. –  Sergey Vlasov Nov 13 '13 at 3:58

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