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In Ubuntu, I can run a rails server in the background as a daemon by passing in the --daemon option;

bundle exec puma -e production -b unix:///var/run/my_app.sock --daemon

However, how do I gracefully shut this daemonized process down? It's not a simple matter of crtl + c anymore :)

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It is better to use puma control pumactl, it processes monitor and controller.

and then you can use it like this to stop

bundle exec pumactl -P /var/run/ stop


pumactl -C unix://var/run/my_app_pumactl.sock [status|restart|halt|stop]
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This did work fine, but now, after running pumactl - C unix<path> stop I get this error message Bad response from server: 500 – Starkers Nov 13 '13 at 6:25

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