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For example,

create table t1 ( a int, b text )
create table t2 ( a int, b text )

insert t1 values ( 0, 'abcde' )

When I delete t1 rows, I want it to move in t2. Maybe we can name t2 as t1_hist if it helps you to understand.

It's easy to come up an idea with a delete trigger. Just like this:

create trigger t1_d on t1
for delete
as begin
  insert t2(a,b) select a,b from deleted

But when delete t1, I got this from Sybase: Text pointer value 0x0b06000000000000010000002d51f903 references a data page which is no longer allocated. This text pointer references first text page 1547, which belongs to object ID 8.

Is there any other ideas can do this? I do not want to add another table to be like a mirror/shadow to t1 that trigger can select values from that table then delete.


-- Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.5

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it seems from here that text data types are not supported inside the trigger. correction: you will have to join the main table (in your case t1) with deleted to get the value of column b –  Meet Nov 12 '13 at 10:31

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try this without triggers assuming table have same structure

  delete from table1
OUTPUT deleted.*  INTO table2(id,A)
where column=<some_value>
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Thanks but Sybase doesn't support this way. :( –  Ming Yang Nov 12 '13 at 7:25

Here's how we've got it implemented at our site:

create trigger TABLE1_DEL
for delete
insert into DBNAME..TABLE2
    select * from TABLE1

When the Trigger compiles, ASE expands all the elements of the * so it looks like the following:

select deleted.COL_1, deleted.COL_2, deleted.TEXT_COL
from deleted

Hope that helps.

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