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Is there a way to configure the Checkstyle, PMD, or FindBugs Maven plugins to detect code like this:

logger.debug("string" + stringVariable);

Instead of:

logger.debug("format string {}", stringVariable);
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I asked myself what the problem with the first line was. Found the explaination here: Performance (slf4j.org/faq.html#logging_performance ) –  Lonzak Nov 26 '13 at 9:09

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Excellent question!

I' ve just found a collection of additional rules for findbugs which covers your case (and some more): https://github.com/eller86/findbugs-slf4j

Check SLF4J_FORMAT_SHOULD_BE_CONST should allow you to find string concatenation inside format string.

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Additionally to the post of Slava (which should suite your needs best) there are methods in findbugs to check for String issues (e.g. SBSC_USE_STRINGBUFFER_CONCATENATION) and also fb-contrib has patterns to check for that. The relevant for you should be:

  • ...

FB-contrib nearly adds 200 bug patterns to findbugs so its really worth it.

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do like this.

refer String.format()

logger.debug(String.format("format string %s ", stringVariable));


refer MessageFormat.format()

logger.debug(MessageFormat.format("format string {0}", new Object[]{stringVariable }));
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Ui! Two comments: 1) String concatenation with "+" is normally compiled into using a StringBuilder, which is sometimes acceptable. Using String.format in that case makes it worse, as this formatting is more complicated than the simple concatenation. 2) The qeustion was, how to detect the string concatenation in logger calls, not how to better handle them. In fact, the question already contains an example of a logger, that already implements formatting. –  Seelenvirtuose Nov 12 '13 at 7:20

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