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iam developing an android app where i want to get the range of signal values for GSM and CDMA coverage. I am displaying the dbm values for GSM coverage using the below code

  gsmStrength = String.valueOf(signalStrength.getGsmSignalStrength() * 2 - 113);
  String phnstrngth = MyListener.getStrength() + "dBm";

The above code gives me the dbm values for GSM Coverage. Similarly i want to get the dbm values for CDMA Coverage. Not Getting how to do it! Please Help! Thanks!

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It's actually simpler for CDMA because the API provides the signal strength in dBm:

  cdmaStrength = String.valueOf(signalStrength.getCdmaDbm();
  String phnstrngth = MyListener.getStrength() + "dBm";
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