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I am using bootstrap's built in typeahead function to help my users select items. What I need to do next is populate the value of a hidden input element with the selected variable.

I am aware that I need to use the updater: option to choose what to do after the user has selected an item but the update seems to not actually do anything with any objects outside itself.

This is my script which works great aside from the fact that I cannot insert the data

    // nameData is a json object.

    var names = [];
    var ids = {};

    $.each(nameData, function (i, item) {
        ids[item.id] = item;

        source: function (query, process) {         
        updater: function (item) { 
            alert(item); // works fine
            $("input#target").val(item); // doesn't work
            return item;
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Works fine for me! Check this out and try and see what it is that you are doing differently. –  Vikram Deshmukh Nov 12 '13 at 8:57

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