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Is there any way of ensuring that package names are unique in Dart? Java recommends that you use the reverse of you companies url. eg. com.foursee.mypackage I have noticed that the dart packages are prefixed with "dart" e.g. "dart:math"

Should I do something similar for a package I am developing?

e.g. "foursee:quadtree"

There is no sign of other package developers doing something this.

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The dart: prefix is used for built-in libraries bundled with the Dart SDK.

For built-in libraries, the URI has the special dart: scheme. For other libraries, you can use a file system path or the package: scheme. The package: scheme specifies libraries provided by a package manager such as the pub tool.

See Using Libraries.

Packages published on Pub are identified only by a name and there's no specific rule for naming them except that they should be unique.

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