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I have a task in NLP to train a classifier and export it to human-readable format. What is the best application to do so.

I tried to use NLTK, however it does not have an export capability to human-readable format, for example

this is a classifier

classifier = nltk.NaiveBayesClassifier.train(train_set)

and I need it to save and later use for my own needs without any connection to NLTK

I am aware about pickle trick, however it's not entire human-readable.

What is the best and comfortable tool to use for training classifier and export it to file.

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xhudik is correct. Bayes is going to be a black-box algorithm, but if I understand your intent correctly -- that you may want to understand the coefficients of certain words/feature inputs, why not just walk through the model? Even using Naive Bayes you can check the likelihood values the classifier outputs and just serialize those to a file.

Example: you have 3 classes: A, B and C

        A     B      C
n1 ->  .2    .6     .2
n2 ->  .5    .1     .4

read more here

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It seems you are not really understand what you are trying to do. If I understood correctly - you would like to see how precisely is your trained model/classifier working.

In this case, you shouldn't care what type of SW package you use, but what algorithm is deployed instead. That means you should not use so-called black-box algorithms like, for example, neural networks, Bayes,... Try to use decision trees (e.g. J48) instead - it will give you a guide (human-readable) knowledge how it is working.

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Naive Bayes is as far from "black-box" as any regression. It is eminently interpretable! – sds Jul 8 at 19:33

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