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I'm trying to test a class that implements two class methods from NSURLConnection, but keep getting the error:

error: testSyncConnection (MyURLConnectionTest) failed: *** -[NSProxy doesNotRecognizeSelector:sendSynchronousRequest:returningResponse:error:] called!

Here's the interface for MyURLConnection:

@interface MyURLConnection : NSURLConnection

+ (void) sendAsynchronousRequest:(NSURLRequest *)request queue:(NSOperationQueue*) queue completionHandler:(void (^)(NSURLResponse*, NSData*, NSError*)) handler;
+ (NSData *) sendSynchronousRequest:(NSURLRequest *)request returningResponse (NSURLResponse **)response error:(NSError **)error;


Here's how i'm trying to Mock it:

- (void)testSyncConnection

    id testConnection = [OCMockObject mockForClass:[MyURLConnection class]];

    [[[testConnection stub] andReturn:Nil] sendSynchronousRequest:Nil

    //rest of test...


which fails at the stubbing part, producing the error I posted above..

I also made sure the MyDURLConnection implementation is added to the Test target too.

Any tips what I'm missing here ?

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have you tried [[[[testConnection stub] classMethod] andReturn:nil] sendSynchronousRequest:... ? –  Pfitz Nov 12 '13 at 9:46
Thanks for the tip, but the docs explain that this is to be done only when you have a class and instance method with the exact same name, which is not my case unfortunately.. –  Mostafa Torbjørn Berg Nov 12 '13 at 10:01

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Which version of OCMock are you using? Mocking class methods is supported since 2.1.

Apart from that, this works for me:

id testConnection = [OCMockObject mockForClass:[MyURLConnection class]];

[[[testConnection stub] andReturn:nil] sendSynchronousRequest:nil

STAssertNil([MyURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest:nil returningResponse:nil error:NULL], nil);
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One internets for you good sir ! For some reason I assumed I had the latest version, downloaded 2.2.1 now and it works perfectly :) –  Mostafa Torbjørn Berg Nov 12 '13 at 10:11

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