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I am facing a problem with my code using Filter mediator and XPATH functions. What I am trying to do in my code is to check if a particular block is empty, do not call/enrich that block and move to another one checks for if it is empty, if not process it and moves to next one and in the end do a commit. Currently I am getting the error as:

FilterMediator Error evaluating XPath expression : fn:exists($body/product/simpleProduct/standardAttributes)

My code is as follows:
         <log level="custom">
            <property name="STATUS" value="************ REQUEST ***************"/>
         <transaction action="new"/>
         <filter xpath="fn:exists($body/product/simpleProduct/standardAttributes)">
            <source type="body" clone="true"/>
            <target type="property" property="MSG_PAYLOAD"/>
         <log level="full"/>
         <xslt key="simpleAttributes"/>
         <log level="custom">
            <property name="STATUS"
                      value="*********INSERTING Simple Product Attributes *************"/>


It fails at fn:exists(). Can you help me with your inputs where am I going wrong?

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Apparently the function you use is xpath 2 function. OOTB xpath 2 functions won't work in ESB. If this is xpath2, you have to enable it. To enable xpath 2, for that uncomment synapse.xpath.dom.failover.enabled=true in file.

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