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Is there any ACL solution for controlling Domain Object data access in JAAS controlled EJB ?

In Spring security ACL this aspect is implemented. An API needed for ACL the domain object with JavaEE, or an integration solution for Spring Security and JAAS.

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I am not sure access control lists would be enough. You need to look at a role-based system (RBAC) or an attribute-based access control system (ABAC).

You can then call out from the EJB: Can my user access this domain object?, get a Yes/No back and enforce it.

Here are your options - Spring Security implements RBAC. - XACML implements ABAC. There are several implementations of XACML available (both open-source and vendor such as the one I work for, Axiomatics.).

If you want background information on access control models, you can have a look at the following:

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My need is filtering based on user access. For example a limited user can see its branch data and administrator can see all data. In this case branch is a field in a domain object –  Mohsen Kashi Nov 20 '13 at 13:26
This sounds like attribute-based access to me. If you use XACML, you can define policies e.g.: a user can view data they own. Administrators can view all data. –  David Brossard Nov 20 '13 at 13:29

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