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I have a inline script and code block repeated 2 times inside a .jade file and would like to:

  • re-use it. (i mean DRY it and have just one block/function)
  • escape the html like suggested here, right now I am using != linkExist('foo')

My idea was to use mixin, but don't know how to. My code works as is, but would like to know how to write it better. Thought about codereview (because my code actually works and I just want to improve it) but the jade has not even a tag there yet, so I think SO might be better.

h1 Teachers
for result in object.teachers
    - var linkExist = function(i){
    -   if (result[i] != 'undefined'){
    -       var html = ', follow on ' + i + ': <a href="' + result[i] + '" target="_blank">' + result[i].split("http://")[1] + '</a>';
    -       return html;
    -   };
    - }

        h3 #{result.Name} 
        p.inline #{result.Nick}


        p.small Location: #{result.Location}

            | Web: 
            for webResult in result.Web
                a(href=webResult,target='_blank') #{webResult.split('http://')[1]}

            != linkExist('Twitter')
            != linkExist('GitHub')

//now it repeats the code but for students
h1 Students
for result in object.students
    - var linkExist = function(i){
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You should be able to use a mixin; if you pass result as well, it should be pretty generic:

mixin linkExist(result, type)
  if result[type] !== undefined
    | , follow on #{type}: <a href="#{result[type]}">...</a>

//- use like this
for result in object.teachers
  mixin linkExist(result, 'Twitter')
  mixin linkExist(result, 'GitHub')

for result in object.students
  mixin linkExist(result, 'Twitter')
  mixin linkExist(result, 'GitHub')
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This worked great! Thank you! –  Rikard Nov 12 '13 at 11:58
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