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Does anyone know of a good Poco C++ tutorial, which provides a good introduction to first usage of this framework?

I seen the examples and reference, but need something that will get me quickly started.


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The pocoproject site seems loaded with tutorials, a guided introduction tour and a good reference. There is a mailing list, and a forum to ask questions.

Their site has changed, so my links aren't up to date anymore.
As for examples or samples, I found in their main docs that:

Sample applications demonstrating the various features of the POCO C++ Libraries are delivered with the source code. Every library's source code directory has a samples directory containing various sample applications.

For the tutorials they say:

Introductory documentation consisting of various documents and tutorials in the form of slide decks can be found at the POCO C++ Libraries Documentation page.

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Thanks, I seen the reference and samples, but missed the guided introduction tutorial, which puts it all together to a clear picture. I will update my question to better reflect what I looked for. –  SyBer Jan 2 '10 at 23:05
examples seems to 404, could you fix the link? –  CyanPrime Jul 16 '12 at 8:35

Maybe a little late for the question but I am currently working on a series of tutorials called "Learning Poco". Hope my site will help you and others. :-)

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Try the documentation.

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