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I am trying to use python to create the files needed to run some other software in batch.

for part of this i need to produce a text file that loads the needed data files into the software.

My problem is that the files i need to enter into this text file are stored in a set of structured folders.

I need to loop over a set of folders (up to 20), which each could contain up to 3 more folders which contain the files i need. The bottom level of the folders contain a set of files needed for each run of the software. The text file should have the path+name of these files printed line by line, add an instruction line and then move to the next set of files from a folder and so on until all of sub level folders have been checked.

i am fairly new with python and can't really find anything that quite does what i need.

Any help is appreciated

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Use os.walk(). The following will output a list of all files within the subdirectories of "dir". The results can be manipulated to suit you needs:

import os                                                                                                             

def list_files(dir):                                                                                                  
    r = []                                                                                                            
    subdirs = [x[0] for x in os.walk(dir)]                                                                            
    for subdir in subdirs:                                                                                            
        files = os.walk(subdir).next()[2]                                                                             
        if (len(files) > 0):                                                                                          
            for file in files:                                                                                        
                r.append(subdir + "/" + file)                                                                         
    return r                                                                                                          
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