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How to produce outfile.txt from the lists A and B:

A = ['x','y','z']
B = [[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]]

My incomplete code is:

with open ('outfile.txt','w') as outfile:
    for a, b in zip (A,B):
        print (a, b, file=outfile)

The outfile.txt should look like:

x 1 2 3
y 4 5 6
z 7 8 9
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To write to a file, you should really use outfile.write(text). –  jazzpi Nov 12 '13 at 15:14
@jazzpi: No, print() like this works fine, that is not the problem here. –  Martijn Pieters Nov 12 '13 at 15:15
@MartijnPieters it works, but I'd say it's somewhat unpythonic. outfile.write(...) is IMO the cleaner way of writing to a file as it directly conveys the intention of writing something to a file - with print this is only clear once I've mentally parsed the file argument, which is easy in this case but can get messy in more complex uses. –  l4mpi Nov 12 '13 at 15:21
@l4mpi: In Python 3, using print() here gives you the additional functionality that that function offers, such as automatically adding a newline and separators for the arguments. –  Martijn Pieters Nov 12 '13 at 15:22
@l4mpi: I find, for the simple case of whitespace separation, the print() call to be more readable. print(*args, file=fp) is cleaner than fp.write(' '.join(args) + '\n'). –  Martijn Pieters Nov 12 '13 at 15:29

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Pass in the b list using the * splat syntax to expand the values to separate arguments:

with open ('outfile.txt','w') as outfile:
    for a, b in zip (A, B):
        print (a, *b, file=outfile)


>>> import sys
>>> A = ['x','y','z']
>>> B = [[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]]
>>> for a, b in zip (A, B):
...     print (a, *b, file=sys.stdout)
x 1 2 3
y 4 5 6
z 7 8 9
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