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Am I missing an easy way to do this?

I have a CSV file with a number of params in it, and in my test I want to be able to make some of the fields unique across CSV repetitions with a suffix determined by the number of times I've looped through the file.

So suppose my CSV (simplified) had:


I want to generate in the test

ghi_1    <hit EOF>
ghi_2    <hit EOF>

I thought I could set up a counter to run parallel to my CSV loop, but that won't work unless I increment it by 1/n each iteration, where n is the number of lines in my CSV file. Which you can't do because counters are integers.

I'm going to go flail around and see if I can come up with a solution, but in case I'm not successful, has anyone got any suggestions?

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I've used an EOF marker row (index column with something like "EOF" or "END", etc) and used an IF controller with either a non-resetting counter OR user-variables incremented via javascript in a BSF element (BSF assertion or whatever, just a mechanism to run the script).

Unfortunately its the best solution I've come up with without putting too much effort into it.

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