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import os
import pprint
import subprocess
def  Convert (dir):
    curDir = dir
    pathToBonk = "C:\\Program Files\\BonkEnc\\becmd.exe" #Where the becmd.exe file lives
    problemFiles = [] #A list of files that failed conversion
    for item in os.listdir(curDir):
        if item.upper().endswith('.M4A'):
            fullPath = os.path.join(curDir,item)
            cmd = '"%s" -e LAME -d "%s" "%s"' #The command to convert a single file
            cmd = cmd % (pathToBonk, curDir, fullPath)
            val = subprocess.call(cmd)
            if val == 0: #Successfull conversion, delete the original
                print 'Problem converting %s' % item
                os.rename(fullPath, fullPath + ".BAD")
    print 'These files had problems converting and have been renamed with .BAD extensions:'

var = raw_input("Insert Path: ")

Hi There, I want to reformat my music from .m4a into mp3 songs. i use the bonkenc command line.

The problem is that some of my folders are in Hebrew. When I use this script in folders which doesn't contain hebrew - It works flawlessly. but when there's Hebrew in the path- the scrpit doesn't work.

I tried encoding\deconding the hebrew, but nothing helped.

I run windows xps p2. Thanks in advance, Liron.

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see: stackoverflow.com/questions/497233/… –  Oren Jan 3 '10 at 0:18
yep. but It sometimes throws an exception I couldn't catch. –  Liron Tal Jan 3 '10 at 0:25
It would help if you said what problem happened. I understand you get an exception - which? where? is the problem related to the external exe you run or does it happen also if you leave just the skeleton of python code? –  Daphna Shezaf Jan 3 '10 at 6:59

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Just use os.listdir(unicode(str)) instead of os.listdir(str) in order to be sure that str is Unicode, otherwise it will just fail.

Same problem can be found on this question

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