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I wrote a masm test program, compiled it with ml /c /coff /Zi then linked with link /debug /subsystem:console /entry:start test.obj kernel32.lib It works after compile/link.

Now, I just open the windbg 6.11, load the exe then press F10 twice, it doesn't show the source code and the test.pdb is not loaded.

My symbol path includes the folder of my program.

The test asm program works on windbg5 btw. (I need the 6.11 version not older one)

I guess the windbg6.11 won't load my test.pdb.

My system: windows7 x64

Tested: windbg x64/x86 both versions

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thanks alot. but my windbg still didnt show the source code when debugging – Max Haann Jan 4 '10 at 1:47
Some of the windbg versions can be buggy, the latest one that is not tied to Windows 8 and the DDK is 6.12.0002.633, I would try that and see if it resolves your symbols correctly – EdChum Jul 5 '12 at 15:47

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