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the dlls generated by compiled projects seem to contain mismatched data on each build. Nothing has changed within the project, but when i look inside the dlls (using ildasm for decompiling) the dlls are different.

they contain the same data, however it is in the wrong order

first build


second build


(notice the line numbers)

is there a project setting that can prevent this from happening? i've no idea why the code is in the wrong order.

Any help is much appreciated.


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the code is in the wrong order

Once compiled, there isn't code anymore but bytecode.

And you can't expect same binaries between two compilations. See Why is the binary output not equal when compiling again?

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I see your point. How are developers supposed to know if a DLL has changed then? I'm basically in a situation where i'm trying to build a release (patch folder) which contains dlls that have changed. Due to this problem, all of the dlls are included in the patch (making it huge). –  Alex Nov 12 '13 at 22:56

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