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I'm new to nodeJS and also new to StackOverflow...

I'm starting to develop my first SPA, using RequireJS to compile my sources into a "dist" folder. I had NodeJS running a basic script to run my server:

var connect = require('connect');

Everything was working well, till I compile my src again. That replaced all the files served by my server, so I though I would restart Node. I Ctrl^C and from this moment, I can't get Node to start again. When I try to run:

olivier$ node server.js 

I get this error:

    var cwd = process.cwd();
Error: ENOENT, no such file or directory
    at Function.startup.resolveArgv0 (node.js:810:23)
    at startup (node.js:58:13)
    at node.js:901:3

What's strange is that I get the same error just trying to start NodeJS, simply doing:


Anyone has an idea of what I can do beside uninstalling Node and reinstalling it ?

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Could it be that RequireJS is also recreating the directory that contains your server.js?

Try and see if this works:

$ cd $PWD; node server.js
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Exactly! That was the problem! Thanks a lot for your help! –  user2984480 Nov 13 '13 at 1:42
thanks - i don't know why but "cd $PWD" solved my (Grunt) issues, too. Isn't "cd $PWD" a completly useless command? i mean obviously it isnt't but can anybody explain why? –  fbtb Jun 2 at 13:26
@fbtb if your current directory gets deleted (for instance, when running a program that deletes it first and then creates it again), your shell is left in a dangling state (because it's still 'attached' to the previously deleted directory). By executing cd $PWD, you make sure your shell gets 'reattached' to the newly created version of the directory. –  robertklep Jun 2 at 17:09
@robertklep thanks a lot! –  fbtb Jun 24 at 11:53

I got this when trying to run the Node REPL from a directory I had already deleted (from other shell). Don't let this happen to you or you will be ashamed.

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I am ashamed... –  Spoom Aug 14 at 20:26
Me too! Thanks for being brave and come out about this ;) –  Adrian Lynch Oct 13 at 6:45

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