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I am developing a web application on my own.

It consists in a back-end using MongoDB, Spring, Jersey. And a front-end using AngularJS (I use Yeoman which combines Bower/Grunt/Node/Bootstrap).

I am wondering which Application Server I can use for the back-end Development. I mean, i would like to use JBOSS as it would be cool for me to try it. But I don't how it works when I will deploy my application on the cloud, what kind of server do they use.

I discovered heroku which can be combined with MongoLab / MongoHQ. But It's a little bit expensive (around 50$/month). Also, I don't know if Amazon EC2 suits to me.

Is it preferable for me to use JBOSS assuming that production server will be different. Or would it be easier for me to use something like Jetty in development ?

And it would be cool to have some people feedbacks who have Java/j2ee app on the cloud (the host they use, how much does it costs per month, what kind of server do they use, ...).


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You can use Jetty with Spring and other framework on heroku easily. Follow this link to get started.

If you feel heroku is costly, have a look at the similar PAAS provider (Openshift, Cloudfoundry, Cloudbees). IMHO, it would cost similar with slight difference.

Take a look at JBoss deployment on OpenShift here

All these platforms use the model of horizontally scalable small servers (Small/Medium servers on EC2) and Mongo DB charges are additional, so do a rough math how many servers you would need your app on and what would be the size of DB. The cost would be slightly higher than hosting it on EC2.

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Thank you for your answer –  isy Nov 13 '13 at 14:36

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