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How can I generate a scaffold for only specfic action?

rails g scaffold user name create destroy (but its not working as expected, it create all 7 standard actions)

I only want to generate through scaffold command.

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Can you describe more clearly what you actually need and why you need only few actions as opposed to default ones? – uDaY Nov 12 '13 at 19:38

After looking into the docs and reading rails g scaffold --help and rails g scaffold_controller --help I come to the conclusion that what you want is not possible.

It makes some sense, since in Rails terms a scaffold controller is a RESTful controller, which implies that it creates those 7 standard actions so you can say resources :users in your routing file.

I think you just have to manually remove the unwanted actions, views and routing behaviour. Or perhaps better: just create everything from scratch or from a regular rails g controller index show-like command, and then fill in the blanks using copy/paste from some other scaffolded resource.

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