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I've got a long MySql string that is intended to calculate a daily percentage of a certain value. However, if there is nothing for a specific day, it just skips that day and goes to the next one. I need it to spit out a "0" for the day that it usually skips. Thanks for your help!

SELECT day(timestamp), CASE when
round(count(w_comp_current_1+W_comp_current_2)*10/86400*100,1) as 'run_time2' iS NULL 
then '0' 
ELSE round(count(w_comp_current_1+W_comp_current_2)*10/86400*100,1) as 'run_time2' END 
FROM location.db WHERE timestamp between subdate(curdate(), interval 1 month) 
and curdate() AND (w_comp_current_1+w_comp_current_2) > 45 
GROUP BY MONTH(Timestamp), DAY(Timestamp) 
ORDER BY Timestamp

New query using calendar table:

Select date_format(calendar.timestamp,'%b-%e') as 'Month-Day', round(count(w_comp_current_1+W_comp_current_2)*10/86400*100,1) as 'run_time2' from calendar 
Left Join courthouse on calendar.timestamp = courthouse.timestamp 
WHERE calendar.timestamp between subdate(curdate(), interval 1 month) and curdate() and calendar.timestamp > '2013-10-03%'  AND (w_comp_current_1+w_comp_current_2) > 45 
GROUP BY MONTH(calendar.Timestamp), DAY(calendar.Timestamp) ORDER BY calendar.Timestamp
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You have the alias for the case column twice and both times in the wrong place. It should only be given after the case's END statement:

    WHEN round(count(w_comp_current_1 + W_comp_current_2) * 10 / 86400 * 100, 1) IS NULL 
      THEN '0'
    ELSE round(count(w_comp_current_1 + W_comp_current_2) * 10 / 86400 * 100, 1) 
    END AS 'run_time2' 
FROM location.db
WHERE TIMESTAMP BETWEEN subdate(curdate(), interval 1 month) AND curdate()
  AND (w_comp_current_1 + w_comp_current_2) > 45
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Ok. That works. But it still does not give me a '0' for the day when there was no calculated value. Maybe "if null" is not the correct approach? –  user2686567 Nov 12 '13 at 19:43
Actually, the day(timestamp) does not need to be limited by the "(w_comp_current_1 + w_comp_current_2) > 45" where clause. Because I want every day to show up. –  user2686567 Nov 12 '13 at 19:47
That is other issue completely. You have to use something like a calendar table in order for your query to return values for the days with no records see this tutorial on calendar tables and search for them in stackoverflow. You will find lots of examples to follow –  Filipe Silva Nov 12 '13 at 19:50
Ah thank you. So the only way around this is to create another table. –  user2686567 Nov 12 '13 at 19:59
It't not the only way. It's one way :p. See for example this other question. It has a couple of solutions –  Filipe Silva Nov 12 '13 at 20:03

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