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I am having problems getting my csv file to format correctly when merging it with another. I have the following code:

list_dir = glob.glob('C:/.../*')
imprint = 'C:/.../imprint_report.csv'
export_dir = 'C:/.../Export//'

for imprint_d in csv.DictReader(open(imprint)):
    for list_file in list_dir:
        list_token = os.path.basename(list_file)[:6]
        if imprint_d['token'] == list_token:
            v = open(list_file, 'rb')
            r = csv.reader(v, delimiter='\t')
            row0 = r.next()
            all_rows = []
            for item in r:
                #print item
            output = open(export_dir+list_token+'_append.csv', 'wb')
            writer = csv.writer(output, lineterminator=',')

Which successfully merges the data I need, however the formatting is incorrect. Rather than have the appended data be set to each row and maintaining the format of list_file, where x is the data I am appending:

col1    col2    col3    col4
  a       b       c       x
  d       e       f       x
  g       h       i       x

I get all data being merged into one row like so:

a    b    c    x    d    e    f    x    g    h    i    x

Any thoughts on where I am going wrong here? Thanks!

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Change lineterminator=',' maybe? –  f p Nov 12 '13 at 19:47
@fp That did it, changed lineterminator=',' to lineterminator='\n' and now I'm good. Make that into an answer so I can accept it and close this question out. Thanks! –  Dryden Long Nov 12 '13 at 19:50

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Change lineterminator=',' maybe?

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