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I have an winform application that has forms for performing various operations in the background. These forms show an icon in the taskbar and have background workers and progress bars to show the progress of the operation.

I've implemented the Windows 7 Taskbar APIs and successfully coded it to show the Indeterminate and Normal states with progress for the Application's icon.

What I'd like to do is show the progress on the taskbar icon for the form.

I'm passing the handle of the current form to the SetProgressState method like this:

SetProgressState(TaskbarProgressBarState.Indeterminate, this.Handle);


SetProgressState(TaskbarProgressBarState.Normal, this.Handle);

but it still changes the application's taskbar icon.

One thing that makes me believe this is possible is that the Indeterminate state does show the marquee on the form's taskbar icon, even though the application's taskbar icon shows as if I had set it to normal.

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