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Is possible to store the project issues in its git repository?

I know that git doesn't support this feature and the issues are stored in the provider site (eg. Bitbucket, Github).

I would like to develop a project as a free private repository on Bitbucket, and when it is finished to make it open source moving it to Github. The problem is that the issues reported in the Bitbucket repo will not be available in the Github repo, because they are stored in the Bitbucket databases.

Which is the best solution?

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Issues are kind of orthogonal to code (i.e. they transcend version snapshots), so it's useful to have a separate system for them. As such, git has no built-in system for issue tracking.

Since BitBucket and GitHub both have APIs for issues, there are easy ways to migrate the issues across. Searching for "migrate bitbucket issues to github" produces at least one script to do exactly that.

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