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I am using Hector 1.1.1 and having problem to set consistency level for WRITE per column family basis. Have read How do I set the consistency level for a counter column family in Cassandra and How to set consistency level of column family using either cassandra-cli OR Hector but neither addresses my problem.

Following http://hector-client.github.io/hector/build/html/content/consistency_level.html, the WRITE consistency level cannot be set per CF basis. I inserted log in the class ConfigurableConsistencyLevel, and it seems the line: log.debug("HConsistencyLevel.get(WRITE, " + cfName + ")" ); has never been reached.

Has anyone been able to successfully set CL per CF basis?

  public HConsistencyLevel get(OperationType op) {
    log.debug("HConsistencyLevel.get( " + op +")");
    return (op == OperationType.READ) ? defaultReadConsistencyLevel : defaultWriteConsistencyLevel;

  public HConsistencyLevel get(OperationType op, String cfName) {
    if (op == OperationType.READ) {
      HConsistencyLevel rcf = readCfConsistencyLevels.get(cfName);
      log.debug("HConsistencyLevel.get(READ, " + cfName + ")" );
      return rcf != null ? rcf : defaultReadConsistencyLevel;
    } else {
      log.debug("HConsistencyLevel.get(WRITE, " + cfName + ")" );
      HConsistencyLevel wcf = writeCfConsistencyLevels.get(cfName);
      return wcf != null ? wcf : defaultWriteConsistencyLevel;
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