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I have a dnn:FilePicker on my settings control for my module. I can get the path for the image from FilePicker.FilePath. That gives me something like:


How on earth do I go from that, to:

/[virtual directory]/portals/0/Images/Header/Default.jpg

This doesn't seem like something that should be hard to do, but I cannot come up with the right combination of words in Google to get an answer.

Right now I'm doing something like:

imgPhoto.ImageUrl = "http://"+PortalAlias.HTTPAlias+"/portals/0/"+DefaultHeaderImage;

Where PortalAlias.HTTPAlias resolves to "localhost/[virtual directory]" and DefaultHeaderImage is a property holding the value saved from FilePicker.FilePath

I've read that using Alias is a bad idea and I'm not at all a fan of using the fully qualified URL instead of the relative URL.

There has got to be a better way.

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I use the following code to get the relative path of the image I upload using the dnn:FilePicker:

using DotNetNuke.Services.FileSystem;

var image = (FileInfo)FileManager.Instance.GetFile(FilePicker.FileID);
if (image != null)
    imgPhoto.ImageUrl = FileManager.Instance.GetUrl(image);

If you need to full url, I use the following code:

string baseUrl = (Request.IsSecureConnection ? "https://" : "http://") + base.PortalAlias.HTTPAlias;
var image = (FileInfo)FileManager.Instance.GetFile(FilePicker.FileID);
if (image != null)
    imgPhoto.ImageUrl = baseUrl + FileManager.Instance.GetUrl(image);
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FileManager.Instance is what I was missing. –  mlindegarde Nov 13 '13 at 17:08

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