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Am very to new to web development.

I have the web pages; web pages are developed in html, CSS Style sheet.

For Example I have the ftp domain or crystal.com for hosting my web page

For hosting my web pages, I have to create setup file for hosting my web page or simply post my html files.

Can any one tell the procedure, what are the things I have to do for the web hosting?

Note: I am not asking about Web hosting domain. Already I have the domain, but how to post my html files in that domain.

Need Help?

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Ftp is the best way to publish your files. Use something like filezilla and read the help docs. You will upload the files to a folder (usually something like public_html) and then the files correspond to your domain. Example:

you upload a file:


then go to your site:


Here is a good tutorial on FTP. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

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You need to set up your domain provider's DNS server to point to the server where your files are located. For example, I have my domain (brasee.com) through GoDaddy.com, and I host my site locally. So I go to the GoDaddy website and update their DNS server to forward brasee.com requests to my server's IP address.

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