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One of our programmers came today with an interesting question: How can we show graphically of system ruining with a flow chart or something like that.

The solution we are looking for has to be pretty simple. We intend to use this "animated flow chart" to show how our system is supposed to work to our non-tech staff. We need their feedback, but we don't want to overload them with technicalities.

Anyone knows a program that may help us?

PS: I asked the programmer if the Visual Basic Solution wasn't enough and his answer was: "It's way too much complicated".

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I use data and control flow diagrams.

Data flow shows the source and destination of data based on functionality. Control flows show how the user progresses through the functionality.

For example: a control flow through a web site would show the user hitting the login page then the main page. The data flow shows the data entered by the user, hitting the db for user login and then the db providing the data for the main page.

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What program do you use to create your diagrams? Someone told me something about eCreate... but I cannot find it –  ebarrera Oct 14 '08 at 0:06
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How about a PowerPoint presentation?

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It cannot be created atomagically, can it? –  ebarrera Oct 13 '08 at 23:44
Is that a requirement? It sounded like what you wanted was a way to show people how the system works, but maybe I misunderstood. Are you looking for a way to show a real-time view of what the system is doing as it's running? –  Clayton Oct 13 '08 at 23:48
There aren't any tools that will do it automagically -- or at least, not without a lot of extra work from you. If there were, we wouldn't need stuff like UML. The most sensible "I need something that works today" solution is to make a Powerpoint presentation. –  Pitarou Oct 13 '08 at 23:52
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If the solution is Java you could try Jeloit. The video on their site pretty cool.

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