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I'm running into a problem similar to: Android install an apk from URL

I created a program which downloads the files from a url, and then tries to install it. If I download the apk directly from a web browser and run it, I'm able to install the program no problem.

When I try to do it programmatically, I get the file downloaded properly and the file size matches what is on my server. However I get the Parse error: There was a problem parsing the package message. When I look at the file from the DDMS I have -rw------- for the file permission that was downloaded.

Does anyone know if I need to change the permissions on that file before I run it, e.g. Are there different permissions if you download from a browser versus a different program? If not, any ideas on what I could be missing?

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I figured out the issue, and am going to leave the question up as a reference, in case anyone has simliar issues.

The issue was that I was saving the apk to my application data directory instead of my sdcard. When I saved the file to the sdcard I was then able to start the install programmatically without any issues.

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