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I'm trying to use Dummynet to test the behaviour of my network application in various network conditions. The emulator was compiled and installed on an Ubuntu 12.04 box. I'm experiencing a strange behaviour when I reduce the bandwidth of the link/path.

For some reason, instead of having a slow download speed. It seems as if the download is happening in bursts! A portion of the data is downloaded at a high speed, then the data transfer stops for a period of time and then resumes again (and so on). Does anyone have an idea what could be the cause? Or is this even expected?

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I guess you already do that, but for ensure you must to do the follow:

Compile a new kernel with support for IPFW and Dummynet, putting this lines on your kernel config file:

options IPDIVERT
options DUMMYNET
options HZ=1000

After that compile and install your new kernel. To do that follow the steps on Building and Installing a Custom Kernel

Doing that, configure the rc.conf file with this lines:


If you are not using the default firewall conf file /etc/rc.firewall then put your config file like this, instead "OPEN":


for testing purposes you can write yours rules directly on console an see what happens, and after write this on your config file to preserve the rules.

for a basic bandwith limit this rules must be enough:

ipfw pipe 1 config bw 1Mbit
ipfw pipe 2 config bw 1Mbit

Now you have two pipes with 1Mbit of bandwidth each, lets put the traffic on this pipes.

ipfw add pipe 1 tcp from any to me
ipfw add pipe 2 tcp from me to any

Doing this your is limiting your self to pipes previously created.

This is basic for Dummynet bandwidth control.

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