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I'm making a facebook game and the users asked me to make the game start by pressing spacebar, because clicking on a button wastes their time. I tried to make it by this code:

jQuery("body").focus().bind('keyup', function (e) { if ( e.keyCode == 32 ){

But this code doesn't work in the app (, but it works in the site ( Is Facebook blocking the key events? Please, help me.

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this code is inside the iframe?. you want your control "spacebar" if pressed into the iframe or the main page (facebook)? – andres descalzo Jan 4 '10 at 19:35
yes, to the iframe – Michal Jan 5 '10 at 17:22

I find that the Spacebar-to-start doesn't work on either the facebook app, or the site. I think your jQuery may simply not work.

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I made it work by adding event to a button, not a body element. It works now

jQuery(".game input[type='button']")
.keyup(function (e) {
       if ( e.keyCode == 32 ){
           return false;
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