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I'm working on mvc 4 application. I have one grid on which i'm showing employee status when i change any record status.

my controller method gets called correctly and change the status of employee.

but for a while for inconsistent scenario i'm getting following jquery error as this is customize, but I see this error of only 1 sec and as page refreshed its gone and status is correctly changed but why i'm getting this error on PROD?


It seems an jquery exception but could not able to catch this. please guide me.

code for grid

    $(document).ready(function () {
        var grid = $("#@(Model.ID + "_Grid")");
        var popup = $(grid).closest(".popup_block");

        var popupHeight = parseInt(window.sessionStorage.currentpopupheight);

        //setting max height for grid
        if (popup.length > 0) {
            $(grid).css("max-height", popupHeight - 180);
            $(grid).css("overflow-y", "auto");
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this line looks incorrect:

var grid = $("#@(Model.ID + "_Grid")");

If _Grid is a variable coming from somewhere else, it should probably look like this:

var grid = $("#@(Model.ID " + _Grid + ")");

Unless if I'm mistaken and some values are being spit out by the server first, you had your + sign in the wrong spot.

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