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In java, you cannot use .compareTo() to compare primitive types (like an int) with something else.

Is there a way to compare if two integers are less than zero? I am trying to compare an integer to a spot in an array.


SOLVED: Sorry everyone, had a massive brain cramp for a second. I forgot that a.compareTo(b) returns -1, 0, or 1 based on if the first value is less than(returns -1), equal to(returns 0),or greater than (returns 1). My code said int.compareTo(array)<0 when really all it needed to say was int

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There are so many different questions here; and not all of them make sense. –  user2864740 Nov 13 '13 at 6:09

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use like this

  if(firstinteger<0 && secondinteger<0){

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== if compared against primitives will either perform numerical or boolean equality. That said, for what you want, it should be as trivial as doing this:

if(firstValue < 0 && secondValue < 0) {
    // operate

Remember: You only use .compareTo for references that implement Comparable (such as Integer, Long, etc). You use == for all other numerical primitives.1

1: But watch out for floating-point values. Those may not always equal each other.

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