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I am not able to tag other pages on Facebook Page post through Facebook API. This is working fine when i post on page through login in Facebook.

I had used a no. of requests on graph API Explorer for this with following parameters.


Request# 1

message=My message for @[PAGE_ID_TO_BE_TAGGED]

Request# 2

message=My Message for @[{"PAGE_ID"}:"1":{"PAGE_NAME"}]

Request# 3

message=PAGE_NAME this is for you.
message_tags={"0": [{"id": "PAGE_ID","name": "PAGE_NAME","type": "page","offset": 0,"length": LENGTH_OF_PAGE_NAME}]}

Also tagging seems to be working when i post on my profile.


Request Parameters:

message=this is new message.

I dont know Where i am missing? Is there any functionality like above for Facebook Pages.

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Tagging within the message text or tagging people as being at a place are two completely different things. –  CBroe Nov 13 '13 at 7:23
I here just showed that the functionality is working with profile message but not for Facebook pages. I want to get he similar thing to tag other Facebook Pages within my post. –  Deepak Gangore Nov 13 '13 at 10:22
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