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I'm facing issue with adding a drive in ZFS pool which was removed from pool earlier. Steps followed initially are

[XXXXX@XXXXX ~]$ zpool create zhd -f sdd
[XXXXX@XXXXX ~]$ zpool list
zhd   49.8G   123K  49.7G     0%  1.00x  ONLINE  -
[XXXXX@XXXXX ~]$ zfs create zhd/home
[XXXXX@XXXXX ~]$ zfs mountpoint=/export/home zhd/home

[XXXXX@XXXXX ~]$ zpool remove zhd sdd

Now when I'm trying to add the same device back to pool, I'm getting below error

[XXXXX@XXXXXX ~]$ zpool create zhd -f sdd
cannot open '/dev/sdd1': Device or resource busy
cannot create 'hfs': one or more vdevs refer to the same device, or one of
the devices is part of an active md or lvm device

I tried formatting drive but still getting the same error. Kindly help me resolve the problem

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The issue is because of corrupted drive. Same procedure worked well on another drive. –  anishk Nov 14 '13 at 6:32

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