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I am about to begin developing an application on Windows 8.1. To leverage my existing skills and experience I would prefer to use HTML rather than XAML for the front end.

One thing that I need this application to do is system-wide keyboard emulation. The application needs to map commands from a non-keyboard input device (speech, gesture...) and trigger keyboard events accordingly, which will be used to control another application. (à la FAAST, Control Mapper etc.) I need this to happen while another application is in focus.

I know that this is possible when using WinForms or WPF. Is it possible in a Windows Store + HTML + JavaScript app?

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No, it's not possible to do so in Windows Store Apps, whether it's written in C#, JS or C++. Windows Store Apps cannot define "global listeners", but only act in the scope of itself, as it's contained in a sandbox and it's thombstoned if it's not the foreground app.

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I'll take a look at those, but please mark this as accepted answer (if it is) to help other users looking for the same. –  danielrozo Nov 13 '13 at 11:16
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