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I came across this interesting article ( from @danott about Rails Javascript Testing Using Karma.

I tested it myself with the latest version of karma but I experience one problem:

If I set singleRun = false in the karma configuration, it does not reload the application.js file which is served from the local running instance of the Rails application.

files: [

I would love to have the tests be run automatically every time some code gets changed and not to set it to singleRun and trigger the tests on my own. Can I somehow tell karma to reload the application.js file, before it executes a new round of tests?

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Assuming a Rail's stack, you should set up a file pattern that watches your assets folder, but not does not include or serve those files into your tests.

// spec/karma/config/unit.js
files = [
  { pattern: 'app/assets/javascripts/*.js', // <-- this is the bit that's important
    watched: true,
    included: false,
    served: false }
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Having Karma fetch the application.js over HTTP forces you to have the dev environment running and applying a watch pattern like @danott suggests.

If you use a rake task which makes Karma aware of Sprockets by injecting all the files required in your application.js, you don't have this constraint.

In my rake task I have this:

sprockets = Rails.application.assets
sprockets.append_path Rails.root.join("spec/karma")
files = Rails.application.assets.find_asset("application_spec.js") {|e| e.pathname.to_s }

along with my karma configuration file:

files: [

where I replace APPLICATION_SPEC with all the sprocket files. I wrote a tutorial if you want the big picture.

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