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We are implementing the tag aware sharding.

Here are the requirements:

//Add tags to shards 
sh.addShardTag("shard1", "range1"); 
sh.addShardTag("shard2", "range2"); 
sh.addShardTag("shard3", "range3");

//Add ranges to chunks 
sh.addTagRange("test.foo", {_id:MinKey}, {_id:MaxKey}, "range1"); 
sh.addTagRange("test.foo",  {_id:MinKey}, {_id:MaxKey}, "range2"); 
sh.addTagRange("test.foo",  {_id:50},  {_id:50}, "range3"); 

Everything works fine except range3 which gets ignored.

Need a way where in all the data gets stored in shard1 or shard2 except {_id: 50} which should get into shard3.

Also, shard3 should only have data specific to {_id: 50}.

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