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I'm using WPF Menu. I have about 20 different menu buttons and in my XAML code I associate a Click event to each menu item.

Is this the preferred way?

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Well, you can certainly do it this way, or you can use commands instead. See e.g. this tutorial.

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Thanks for the link. I don't really see how this is better than having 20 Click events in a #Region. Can you let me know why I should use this approach? It seems to give out uglier XAML markup. –  Sergio Tapia Jan 3 '10 at 18:26
Well, truth be told, it only makes sense if at a later stage you decide that some of the same commands need to be fired off by, say, a toolbar. It seems to be the a la mode way of doing it in WPF. –  Dmitri Nesteruk Jan 4 '10 at 13:42

Commands are preferred, more easy, more decoupled (see the Dmitri tutorial). Another solution is to use a single event handler for all menus in which you have a switch to choose which part should be executed.

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