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I would like to know if there is a way for reading the Phone Model Programmatically in android.

I would like to get a string like HTC Dream, Milestone, Sapphire or whatever...

Thanks :)

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As Edwin Evans pointed out, Build.MODEL doesn't provide the consumer friendly name of the device.

I published a helper class on GitHub that will get the consumer friendly device name (it uses the list maintained by Google). Just copy it into your project and call the following static factory method:

String device = Devices.getDeviceName();

Devices.java <-- click here

Note: I will keep the gist updated with Google's list. If you notice it is outdated then leave a comment.

Last updated: 2/9/2015

If you do not want to use the class above then this is the best solution for getting a consumer friendly device name:

/** Returns the consumer friendly device name */
public static String getDeviceName() {
    final String manufacturer = Build.MANUFACTURER;
    final String model = Build.MODEL;
    if (model.startsWith(manufacturer)) {
        return capitalize(model);
    if (manufacturer.equalsIgnoreCase("HTC")) {
        // make sure "HTC" is fully capitalized.
        return "HTC " + model;
    return capitalize(manufacturer) + " " + model;

private static String capitalize(String str) {
    if (TextUtils.isEmpty(str)) {
        return str;
    final char[] arr = str.toCharArray();
    boolean capitalizeNext = true;
    String phrase = "";
    for (final char c : arr) {
        if (capitalizeNext && Character.isLetter(c)) {
            phrase += Character.toUpperCase(c);
            capitalizeNext = false;
        } else if (Character.isWhitespace(c)) {
            capitalizeNext = true;
        phrase += c;
    return phrase;

Example result from my Verizon HTC One M8:

// using static factory method from above
// using the static factory method from Devices.java

Console output:


HTC One (M8)

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Thanks Jared. I needed this today but for Xamarin.Android so translated your file to C#. If somebody else needs it, you can find it here. gist.github.com/mohibsheth/5e1b361ae49c257b8caf –  Mohib Sheth Jan 21 at 13:03
Is there a way to get the "human readable" devicename like "Xperia Z3" or "Galaxy S3" without this Devices class ? I don`t like to use a static list of all devices to be sure even all future devices will be supported. –  Radon8472 Mar 5 at 7:41
@Radon8472 Have you tried the static factory method above named getDeviceName()? If that doesn't give you the results you are looking for there isn't a better solution that I know of. –  Jared Rummler Mar 5 at 10:14
Great work!!!!! –  Pinhassi Mar 10 at 9:12
@Jared: I already have a devicename like the results of 'getDeviceName()' but I like to display the name wich endusers know from their handy stores :( –  Radon8472 Mar 14 at 17:58

I use the following code to get the full device name. It gets model and manufacturer strings and concatenates them unless model string already contains manufacturer name (on some phones it does):

public String getDeviceName() {
    String manufacturer = Build.MANUFACTURER;
    String model = Build.MODEL;
    if (model.startsWith(manufacturer)) {
        return capitalize(model);
    } else {
        return capitalize(manufacturer) + " " + model;

private String capitalize(String s) {
    if (s == null || s.length() == 0) {
        return "";
    char first = s.charAt(0);
    if (Character.isUpperCase(first)) {
        return s;
    } else {
        return Character.toUpperCase(first) + s.substring(1);


Here are a few examples of device names I got from the users:

Samsung GT-S5830L
Motorola MB860
Sony Ericsson LT18i
HTC Desire V
HTC Wildfire S A510e

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It there a list somewhere that hold all possible answer you can get out of the phone. Say if you need to redirect a user on how to install something on a specific phone type or sell something to a specific model. –  evilfish Sep 2 '14 at 11:42
@evilfish Try this list from Google: support.google.com/googleplay/answer/1727131 –  Idolon Sep 3 '14 at 8:28
Works perfectly on watch because I needed it for Android Wear. –  Wahib Haq Mar 18 at 17:23

Yes: Build.MODEL.

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Actually that is not 100% correct. That can give you Model (sometime numbers).
Will get you the Manufacturer of the phone (HTC portion of your request):


For a product name:

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I've found that String name = Build.MANUFACTURER + " - " + Build.MODEL to be the most useful combination. Build.PRODUCT sometimes uses an unexpected name. For example, on the Galaxy Nexus, it returns "takgu". Build.MODEL, on the other hand, is the user-facing value displayed under Settings->About Phone->Model number. –  Mike Ortiz Aug 30 '12 at 19:20
A lot of it depends on the manufacturer; HTC devices (Evo 4G, 4G LTE, 3D and Slide) use what I stated above. –  Falcon165o Aug 31 '12 at 13:35

you can use the following code for getting the brand name and brand model of the device.

 String brand = Build.BRAND; // for getting BrandName
 String model = Build.MODEL; // for getting Model of the device
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The following strings are all of use when you want to retrieve manufacturer, name of the device, and/or the model:

String manufacturer = Build.MANUFACTURER;
String brand        = Build.BRAND;
String product      = Build.PRODUCT;
String model        = Build.MODEL;
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Apparently you need to use the list from Google at https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/1727131

The APIs don't return anything I expect or anything in Settings. For my Motorola X this is what I get

   Build.MODEL = "XT1053"
   Build.BRAND = "motorola"
   Build.PRODUCT = "ghost"

Going to the page mentioned above "ghost" maps to Moto X. Seems like this could be a tad simpler...

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String deviceName = android.os.Build.MODEL; // returns model name

String deviceManufacturer = android.os.Build.MANUFACTURER; // returns manufacturer

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